Tabungan Panin

Benefits Tabungan Panin

Competitive interest rates
Your balance will continue to grow every month with competitive interest rates.
Panin Super Bonanza Lucky Draw
Win spectacular prizes from the Panin Super Bonanza program by increase your savings balance.
Free Shopping Vouchers
Exchange your reward points for shopping vouchers. For an average monthly balance of IDR 100,000, you will get 1 reward point.
Free Cash Withdrawals
Enjoy free cash withdrawal fees at other bank’s ATM, ATM Bersama/Prima/Alto networks. If the balance after withdrawal is at least IDR 5 million.
Digital Banking Facility
You can perform banking transactions at any time through Panin ATM, Phone Banking, Mobile Banking and Internet Banking.
Ease of Transactions
You can do banking transactions at more than 500 branch offices throughout Indonesia.
Initial depositIDR250.000,-
Next minimum depositFree
Minimum balanceIDR250.000,-
Minimum balance cannot be withdrawnIDR50.000,-
Monthly administration feeIDR16.800,-
Below minimum balance feeIDR10.000,-
Account closing feeIDR50.000,-
Dormant account feeIDR50.000.-
PaninBank GPN Debit Card replacement feeIDR25.000,-
PaninBank Mastercard Debit Card replacement feeIDR35.000,-
The cost of replacing lost / damaged passbooksIDR10.000,-

1.     Fill in the account opening form
2.     Attach identity documents:

  • Indonesian citizens: e-KTP based on NIK and NPWP
  • Foreigners: Passport and KIMS/KITAP/KITAS or supporting certificate

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