Visa Corporate

Benefit of Visa Corporate

Free Annual Fee
Free annual fee for the first 1 year
Equipped with Contactless features, EMV chip card for transaction security, and the Visa/Plus Global Network worldwide
Executive Airport Lounge
Enjoy executive lounge facilities at selected airports
Easy Payment
Easy payment at ATM Bersama and ALTO, Mobile Panin, Internet Panin, all PaninBank branch offices, and CallPanin 24hours
SMS Alert
Notification via SMS every time you make a transaction.

Others Feature - Visa Corporate

Centralize Billing Statement

This is a billing statement centralization feature for all Panin Visa Corporate owned by the company/business owner. The billing statement from each Panin Visa Corporate will be sent to the business owner or the PIC of the Company.


• Keamanan Fitur Contactless

Fitur contactless menggunakan teknologi keamanan yang sama dengan kartu kredit ber-chip lainnya. Kartu dengan fitur contactless hanya bekerja ketika di-tap/didekatkan dengan mesin EDC. Nasabah tetap mengendalikan kartu setiap saat, karena kartu kredit tetap berada di tangan Nasabah saat bertransaksi sehingga lebih aman karena kasir tidak perlu memegang kartu sehingga tidak dapat melihat data-data penting (nomor kartu, expiry date, 3 digit cvv, dll).

• Ketentuan Penggunaan

Penggunaan fitur contactless pada kartu kredit dapat dilakukan untuk nominal maksimal Rp 1 juta per transaksi, untuk transaksi dengan nominal > Rp 1 juta diperlukan verifikasi melalui PIN. Nominal transaksi contactless di luar negeri mengikuti kebijakan yang berlaku di masing-masing negara.

• Cara Bertransaksi:

1. Tanyakan pada kasir apakah menyediakan pembayaran dengan fitur contactless, bisa diingatkan jika terdapat logo sinyal gelombang di mesin EDC.
2. Apabila ada, infokan kepada kasir bahwa Anda akan bertransaksi dengan fitur tersebut dan siapkan Panin Kartu Kredit Contactless Anda.
3. Pastikan nominal.
4. Tap atau dekatkan Panin Kartu Kredit Contactless Anda ke mesin EDC.
5. Transaksi selesai, dan mintalah bukti pembayaran jika perlu.

Transaction PIN

Now, it is mandatory to use a PIN when making transactions using a credit card. For your convenience, security, and smooth transaction:

  • Call 24 hours CallPanin at 1500678 to request your Credit Card transaction PIN.
  • The PIN will be sent via SMS to the mobile number registered in the system.
  • Always use your Panin Credit Card PIN when making transactions and ask the cashier at the merchant to always use the PIN.
  • Immediately activate your Panin Credit Card PIN at the nearest PaninBank ATM or via interactive voice response (IVR).
  • Keep your PIN confidential and never give your PIN information to anyone, including parties claiming to be from PaninBank.
  • Do not write down your Panin Credit Card PIN in a place that can be known by other parties.
  • Change your Panin Credit Card PIN periodically.
  • PaninBank never withdraws your Credit Card and PIN for any reason or offer either through courier or PaninBank employees.

Currently, not all stores accept transactions using a PIN. Therefore, please contact CallPanin as soon as possible if your Panin Credit Card is lost.

Recurring Payment
Terms and Conditions
  • Customers can register by calling 24 Hours CallPanin at 1500678.
  • The application for registration of recurring payment facilities must be made by the main Cardholder. Especially for Panin Visa Corporate, the application for registration must be made through the PIC of the Company.
  • This applies to all holders of Panin Visa Gold, Panin Visa Platinum, Panin Visa Infinite, and Panin Visa Corporate.
  • If the registration of recurring payments is received by PaninBank before or on the 25th day of the month, PaninBank will process all invoices received in the following month.
  • If the registration is received by PaninBank after the 25th day of the month until the end of the month, the processing and bookkeeping of the bill on the Credit Card will be carried out in the following month. Therefore, the Cardholder must pay the bill themselves to the Provider/Biller the following month.
  • The Cardholder hereby authorizes PaninBank to debit the Panin Credit Card and pay the service bill to the Provider/Biller.
  • PaninBank at its sole discretion may reject the application for recurring payment facilities.
  • Cardholders can register more than 1 Customer ID.
  • Administration fee for recurring payments: PLN: IDR 5,000 per transaction or debit; and for Telkom, Telkom Speedy, Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Tri, First Media, Smartfren: IDR 2,500,- per transaction or debit (fees are subject to change at any time and will be communicated through written notice or other media).
  • If the credit limit available on the Panin Credit Card is insufficient, the Credit Card is blocked, or there are other causes that result in the Provider/Biller bill not being able to be processed by auto-debit on the Credit Card, then PaninBank automatically reserves the right not to pay the bill from the Provider/Biller on that month.
  • Successful registration cannot be canceled.
  • Bill payment transactions or recurring payments do not earn Panin Points.
Visa Spend Clarity

Visa Spend Clarity is a feature that can provide benefits for companies/business owners in the following ways:

  • Facilitating companies/business owners to create reports on business expenses made using the Panin Visa Platinum Corporate Credit Card.
  • Facilitating companies/business owners to create reports according to the needs of the company.
  • Facilitating companies/business owners to reconcile some credit card usages if the company/business owner provides Panin Visa Platinum Corporate Credit Cards to their employees.
Executive Airport Lounge
Term & Condition

• IDR1 (One Rupiah) charged per visit with a maximum of 4 (Four) times a month.
• Outside of these conditions, a fee of IDR150,000 per card per visit will be charged.
• Valid for main card holders and supplement card holders.

Lounge NameLocationAirport
Platinum Executive Lounge2nd Floor, No. II-1, Domestic DepartureSultan Syarif Kasim II International Airport-
Blue Sky Lounge    Terminal 3, Gate 13 & 18, Domestic DepartureSoekarno-Hatta International Airport, Tangerang, Banten        
Saphire Lounge Domestik KualanamuGate 12, Domestic DepartureKualanamu International Airport, Medan
Saphire Lounge Internasional KualanamuGate2, International DepartureKualanamu International Airport, Medan
Concordia Lounge2nd Floor, Domestic DepartureI Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali
Travel Protection Platinum, Infinite & Corporate

Free travel insurance protection for Panin Credit Card holders, including:

Air Travel Accident Insurance

  • Maximum protection up to IDR 1,000,000,000.

Flight delays/cancellations

  • Maximum reimbursement is IDR 4,000,000 per person or IDR 8,000,000 per family.

Baggage Delay

  • Maximum reimbursement is IDR 4,000,000 per person or IDR 8,000,000 per family.

Baggage Loss

  • Maximum reimbursement is IDR 20,000,000 per person or IDR 40,000,000 per family.


3D Secure

The 3D Secure feature is a service to increase security and convenience when you transact online. This feature will provide a One Time Password (OTP) code as validation for every transaction you make in e-commerce marked “Verified by Visa”. This OTP code will be sent via USSD/SMS to your mobile phone number. Make sure your cell phone number matches the data in the system.

One Time Password or OTP is a one-time verification code in the form of 6 digits that is sent via SMS to your mobile number registered in the system.

To make your online shopping easier and safer, make sure to follow these steps:

  • To receive the OTP code, make sure your mobile number is active and properly registered in the PaninBank system. Update your data and report it immediately via 24-hour CallPanin at 1500678 if your mobile number changes.
  • Make sure you do not enter the wrong OTP code. The limit for error code requests and OTP input is a maximum of 3 times, otherwise, your Panin Credit Card will be blocked and cannot be used for the next online transaction. Call 24 hours Call Panin at 1500678 to request for unblocking your Panin Credit Card so that it can be reused.
  • Upon re-requesting the OTP code for the same transaction, a new OTP code will be sent and the latest OTP code will be valid. Each re-request of the OTP code will be sent with a new OTP code and the limit for OTP code re-request is a maximum of 3 times.
  • The maximum time limit for inputting the OTP code on the authentication menu is 5 minutes. Make sure you have received the OTP code and input it immediately before the maximum time limit expires. Make sure the mobile network connection and the internet network where you transact run smoothly and are stable. If you exceed this limit, you will have to repeat the check-out/purchase process.
Panin Credit Life
Insurance cover for Panin Credit Card

Insurance feature to cover the repayment of Panin Credit Card balances if the cardholder dies or suffers from total permanent disability.

• Insurance premi is 0.5% from the monthly bill.
• The insured value is 100% of the total bill with a maximum sum insured of IDR100.000.000,-.
• Coverage period until the insured is 65 years old.

Fees and ChargesDescriptions
Basic card annual fee Free***
Interest retail1,75%
Cash advance interest1,75%
Minimum PaymentAutodebet 100%
Late charge fee1% of total bill or min IDR50.000 and maximum IDR100.000 (until 31 December 2024)
Cash advance fee6% or minimal IDR100.000
Cash advance limit60% from pagu credit
Cash advance (daily limit)IDR10.000.000,-
Over limit feeIDR150.000
Autodebit credit card payment feeFree
Increase limit feeFree
SMS notification feeIDR5.000 (effective June 2024)
Paper statement feeIDR15.000
E-statement feeFree
Returned cheque feeIDR25.000
Card replacementIDR50.000,-
Panin Credit Life Insurance premi
0.5% from total bill (effective 20 December 2022)
Copy request fee
  • Paper statement = IDR25.000,- per sheet (effective June 2024)
  • Sales draft = IDR50.000,- per copy
  • Annual billing statement = IDR100.000,- per sheet
Stamp duty on bill payments
  • Up to IDR5.000.000,- = Free
  • Greater than IDR5.000.000,- = IDR10.000,-

***Next year is free with minimum transaction IDR50.000.000 per year, if the conditions are not met, an annual fee IDR100.000 per year.

Payment ChannelFee
PaninBank's branch office
  •  Free for customers
  •  IDR50.000 for non-customers
Auto debet IDR5.000

E-channel PaninBank

(ATMPanin, MobileBanking, InternetBanking)

ATM Bank CIMB Niaga**IDR7.500
ATM Bank BII Maybank**IDR5.000
ATM Bank Permata**IDR5.000
ATM Bank BNI**IDR7.500


Payment for Panin Bank Credit Card can be done through ATM Bersama, BII Maybank, CIMB Niaga, BCA, Permata Bank dan BNI.
*Debited to your account
**Debited to your Panin Credit Card

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