Safe Deposit Box

Benefit Safe Deposit Box

Safest storage system
Fire-resistant and unload-resistant storage space supported by a tested and satisfactory security system.
Ease of rental process
Ease in the rental process and the rental period can be extended as needed.
Ease of storing and retrieving
Convenient storage and retrieval of your valuables.
Strategic location
We strive to provide the best banking services at more than 500 Panin Bank branch offices throughout the archipelago.
Various box sizes
You can choose a variety of box sizes to suit your needs.
Online and professional
Online banking system and professional support staff are ready to serve you.
Requirements to Get Safe Deposit Box facility
  • By opening a MagnaPanin or Giro Rupiah Panin saving account
  • Apply for Safe Deposit Box facility by submitting copies of your personal identity (i.e., e-KTP, driving license, passport or KIMS)

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