QRIS Panin

Benefit QRIS Panin

Fast and Updated
Fast and Updated to nowdays
Safe and comfortable
Transaction with QRIS Panin is safe and comfortable
Practical and Easy
Transaction with QRIS Panin is Ptactical and Easy. No need to bother carrying cash anymore.
One QRIS for All
No need to bother thinking about whose QR is installed.
About QRIS Panin

You can take advantage of payment services with QR Code (QRIS) on unregistered accounts and registered e-cashPanin accounts.

  • Daily transaction limit IDR 10,000,000,- 
  • No transaction fees charged.

 *Transaction limits are subject to change at any time following the provisions of Bank Indonesia


Software Spesifikasi


IOS Versi 14


Android 8 (Oreo)

How to use QRIS Panin

Here is the flow how to use QRIS Panin :

  • If you don't have an account, then you must register first to download the e-cashPanin application.
  • Register according to the e-cashPanin procedure.
  • Top up the balance in your account.
  • Select the scan icon/image “Pay Using QR”, scan the merchant's QRIS, enter the nominal, enter the PIN, click “Pay”, the transaction is complete.

One QRIS, Many Wins

Use QRIS in e-CashPanin
Benefits and Strengths of QRIS in e-CashPanin

Advantages of QRIS:

  • Fast : Practical, just scan without entering account number
  • Easy : Transactions only need to use a smartphone with various sources of funds/instruments
  • Cheap: No transaction fees for consumers
  • Secure: Transactions are protected with a PIN
  • Reliable: The system is tested and can transact 24/7


Safe transaction with QRIS:

  • Ensuring the reasonableness of the QRIS installation location
  • Ensure the name of the QRIS destination matches the merchant name that appears on the mobile screen when scanning QRIS
  • Ensuring nominal conformity and successful transaction notification
  • Complain to the QRIS organizer (PJP) if you find a difference in the name of the merchant or nominal