Benefits Simpanan Pelajar

Saving Book With Student Name
Students can learn to manage their own finances by saving in their own account.
Affordable Initial Deposit
Minimum account opening IDR 5,000,- will make it easy for students to have their own savings.
Easy for Cash Deposits
The students can deposit their savings through school or at PaninBank branch office.
ATM Debit Card Facility
Equipped with Debit Card and ATM facilities that can be used for transactions.
Initial DepositIDR 5,000
Next minimum depositFlexible amount
Minimum balanceIDR 5,000
Minimum balance can not be withdrawnIDR 5,000
monthly admin feeFree
Deposit fee below minimumFree
Account closing feeIDR 5,000
Dormant account feeIDR 1,000
PaninBank GPN Debit Card replacement feeIDR 25,000,-
PaninBank Mastercard Debit Card replacement feeIDR 35,000,-
Cost of replacing lost/damaged passbooksIDR 10,000


1. Indonesian individual customers

2. PAUD/TK/SD/SMP/SMA/SMK students or equivalent

3. Fill in the account opening form

4. Attach identity documents

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Simpanan Pelajar accounts can only be opened through partnership with schools.