ATM Panin

Benefits ATMPanin

Free Cash Withdrawal
Free cash withdrawal at ATMPanin throughout Indonesia
Affordable Fee
Perform various banking transactions with affordable fees ranging from cash withdrawal, transfers to payments and top up
Transaction Ease
You can perform various banking transactions from more than 800 ATM machines spread throughout Indonesia
Wide Network
Join the ATM Bersama, ALTO, Prima and BI Fast networks

Top up e-wallet and Shopping Payment via ATMPanin

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Top up e-wallet and Shopping Payment via ATMPanin


Top Up OVO via ATM Panin

  1. Insert DebitPanin Card and Choose "Bahasa"
  2. Input your PIN
  3. Select menu "Pembayaran/Pembelian"
  4. Select menu "Layar Lainnya"
  5. Select menu "Ecommerce"
  6. Select menu "OVO"
  7. Input your mobile number that registered on your OVO App
  8. Input your nominal (top up amount)
  9. Select "ya/yes" (Kindly check again for the name and top up amount)
  10. Successful Transaction



Top Up Dompet DANA via ATMPanin

  1. Select menu "Pembayaran"
  2. Select menu "e-Commerce" and select "DANA"
  3. Select menu "Top Up DANA"
  4. Inpur your mobile number that registered on DANA Apps
  5. Input your nominal top up amount
  6. Successful transaction



Instructions for Payment Steps your Shopping at Tokopedia via ATMPanin

  1. Select menu "Pembayaran"
  2. Select menu "Ecommerce"
  3. Input your billing number from Tokopedia
  4. Select "YA/YES" to complete the transaction process on the confirmation screen
  5. The transaction is successful and you will receive a transaction receipt from the ATM machine
NoTransaction TypeFee
1Transfer via OnlineIDR 3.300
2Transfer via BI FastIDR 1.000
3Debit Card Other Bank 
 a. Balance Information
(Prima/ALTO/ATM Bersama network) 
IDR 4.000
 b. Insufficient Balance
  - Prima Network
  - ALTO/ATM Bersama Network

IDR 2.500
IDR 3.300
 c. Cash Withdrawal
(Prima/ALTO/ATM Bersama) 
IDR 7.500
4Purchase and Payment 
 Purchase Prepaid Cellular Phone 
 Telkomsel (Simpati dan Kartu AS)IDR 1.500
 Indosat OoredooIDR 1.500
 PLNIDR 2.500
 Purchase Prepaid Internet Data 
 Telkomsel (Simpati dan Kartu AS)IDR 1.500
 Indosat OoredooIDR 1.500
 Transaksi Virtual AccountFree
 Telkom Pay/Internet TelkomIDR 2.500
 Electricity (PLN Postpaid dan
PLN Non-taglis)
IDR 2.500
 Internet ( CBN, First Media)Free
 Insurance (Panin Dai-ichi Life,
 Cable TV (MNC Vision, First Media)Free
 TransVis/TelVisIDR 2.500
 Water (PAM JAYA, PDAM Surabaya,
PDAM Kota Bogor, PAM Batam)
IDR 2.500
 PDAM Semarang,IDR 4.300
 BPJS KesehatanIDR 2.500
 Phone Bill Payment (Kartu Halo)IDR 1.500
 Phone Bill Payment (Indosat Ooredoo,
Smartfren, Tri)
 Credit Card : 
 Panin Bank, DBS, HSBCFree
 Mandiri, BCA, Danamon,
UOB Indonesia, CIMB Niaga,
BRI, Mega ,Bukopin, Maybank,
Permata, OCBC NISP,
Standard Chartered, BNI
IDR 2.000
 Credit non-collateral loan (DBS, HSBC, Clipan)Free
 Garuda IndonesiaIDR 7.500
 Lion Air, Kereta Api IndonesiaFree
 DanaRp 500 *
 Go-jekIDR 2.000
 OVOIDR 1.500
 LinkAjaIDR 1.500
 iSakuIDR 1.500

* For transactions of less than IDR 50,000 (fifty thousand rupiah) for the second transaction and so on

Transaction Limit
NoJenis TransaksiDaily Limit  
1WithdrawalIDR 15.000.000  
2Transfer to PaninIDR 250.000.000  
3Transfer via ALTO/ATM Bersama/PRIMAIDR 50.000.000  
4Transfer via BI FastIDR 250.000.000  
5Payment and PurchaseIDR 250.000.000  
6Payment MerchantIDR 20.000.000