Benefits PanDollar

Competitive buying and selling rates
With online network support in all branches, you will get the latest and most reliable foreign currency buying and selling rates.
Easy and flexible
Buy and Sell Dollar transactions quickly and safely through Panin Mobile and Internet Panin services for 24 hours.
The most complete selection of currencies
You can choose deposits in foreign currencies that suit your needs.

Information on Foreign Exchange Rates

With PaninBank you can make money transfer transactions with more efficient and profitable.
Initial deposit10.000 JPY
1.000 HKD
100 others
Minimum balance10.000 JPY
1.000 HKD
100 others
Administrative costs100 JPY
10 HKD
1 others
Fees for balances below the minimum per month200 JPY
20 HKD
2 others
Account closing fee500 JPY
50 HKD
5 others
ATM card fees (new account only)Free
PaninBank Mastercard Debit Card replacement feeIDR35.000
The cost of replacing lost/damaged passbooksIDR10.000

1.   Fill out the account opening form
2.   Attach identity documents

  • Indonesian citizens: e-KTP based on NIK and NPWP
  • Foreigners: Passport and KIMS/KITAP/KITAS or supporting certificate

3.   Initial deposit USD100

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