Tabungan Rencana

Benefits Tabungan Rencana

Competitive Interest Rate
Enjoy the highest interest rates from the Panin Plan Savings.
Free Administration Fee
No charge for administrative costs, so that the planned funds are not deducted by costs.
Ensuring Achieving Target Funds
Guaranteeing the achievement of the target Customer Funds determined at the outset without being affected by interest rate fluctuations.
E-Channel Facility
You can check the progress of your Savings Plan at any time through the Savings Book and E-Channel facilities.
Insurance coverage
Your savings are protected by insurance by PT Panin Dai-ichi Life.
Free of Insurance Fees
No need to be afraid of being burdened with insurance costs. Panin Savings Plans waive insurance costs.
Easy & Flexible
Flexible monthly deposits at a minimum of IDR100.000,- (IDR25.000,- increment) and saving terms of your choice (1 to 15 years).

Insurance Protection for your Plan Savings

Savings Plan Panin is a term insurance product with a reduced Sum Insured that is offered to customers of PT Bank Panin Tbk.
Initial DepositIDR 100,000
Next minimum depositFree
Minimum balance 0
Minimum balance cannot be withdrawn0
Monthly admin feeFree
Below minimum balance fee0
Account Closing Fee0.5% of the remaining target funds
Dormant account fee0
PaninBank GPN Debit Card replacement feeIDR 25,000,-
PaninBank Mastercard Debit Card replacement feeIDR 35,000,-
The cost of replacing lost/damaged passbooksIDR 10,000


* Free for customers who have balance above Rp 5 Million

1. Fill in the account opening form
2. Attach identity documents

  • Indonesian citizens: e-KTP based on NIK and NPWP
  • Foreigners: Passport and KIMS/KITAP/KITAS or supporting certificate

3. Must be 17 - 55 years old with a maximum age of 60 years old
4. Have a Panin Savings account as the source account and in the same currency as the Plan Savings account (IDR).

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