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PaninBank will improve and continue to supporting the country’s economic growth
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PaninBank at a Glance

With more than 50 years of experience serving retail and commercial customers, PaninBank is currently classified as BUKU IV bank since 2019. Conversely, the bank also takes breakthrough steps and continuously innovates to strengthen its position the in Indonesian banking and economic market; one of its breakthrough steps is to evolve its digital banking capabilities to meet today’s demand.

The consistent progress of PaninBank is a result of implementing its philosophy, which emphasized a balance between prudence and progressive business growth. By standing on its prudence values when conducting risk management, PaninBank has stood the test of time and prevailed in the uncertain era with a lot of economic instabilities. On the other hand, the Bank still tries to grow itself to compete in the industry, which is proven by its position as one of the top 10 biggest banks in Indonesia.

PaninBank has built and developed financial services for customers through more than 500 branches in Indonesia, employing more than 10,000 professionals. PaninBank strives to provide an easy and speedy transaction process for its customers through digital-based products and services, and continues to build a complete digital banking platform. With the motto of “Always for You”, PaninBank continuously strives to give the best service for customers and the general public in Indonesia.

PaninBank summarizes the corporate culture and positive work ethics as I CARE (Integrity, Collaboration, Accountability, Respect dan Excellence). With those values, the Company hopes that it can achieve its vision and mission, which is “To become a leading retail and commercial bank with continuous performance growth”.

Established in 1971, PaninBank listed its shares on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 1982, and subsequently became the first publicly-traded bank in Indonesia. Currently, the shareholders of PaninBank are PT Panin Financial Tbk (46,04%), Votraint No. 1103 Pty Ltd (38,82%), as well as domestic and international public (15,14%).

Vision Mission PaninBank


To be the bank pf choice for individual and Business cutomers eith local wisdom


  1. Providing service and product innovations that meet customer need with digitally-enabled support and sutainability.  
  2. Improving people's living standards, business resilience, and influence on the community around the bank.
  3. Increase added value for stakeholders especially shareholders

PaninBank Strategy

To focus on the customers, understand their needs and provide integrated services with added values.
To develop and distribute innovative products to support the success of customer’s.
To establish a multi-channel distribution network to reach customer’s throughout Indonesia and to support regional economic growth.
To transform business processes, accelerate customer’s transaction and provide efficient and competitive services through technology development.
To socialize and enhance the company culture to fully appreciate individual achievement and continuously motivate the employees to provide better services and improve productivity.
To leverage the foundation of our core business and franchise value and achieve satisfactory performance to increase the shareholders values.

Management Profile

Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, and Corporate Secretary

Achievements and Reputations

PaninBank Achievements be strongly related to the Role of Reliable and Professional Human Resources.