Financial Literacy
What is Financial Literacy Saving Edition?

Financial Literacy Saving Edition is a manifestation of PaninBank's concern for children. Therefore, PaninBank periodically socializes the importance of cornering early.

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The Difference between Saving at Home and at the Bank

 If we save at home, then we only keep money in a piggy bank whereas if we save in the bank, the money is stored in a sturdy vault and on the deposit the bank will give the result in the form of interest. So deposits will continue to grow over time.

So deposits will continue to grow over time. The Bank provides interest on the customer's money deposit, because the customer's deposit is loaned again to another customer in the form of credit, and for the transaction another customer pays interest to the bank and the bank divides the proceeds to the deposit customer.

What is Credit Edition Financial Literacy?

Credit Edition Financial Literacy is a manifestation of Panin Bank's concern for the community in meeting daily needs such as food and boards as a means of primary needs, When the income earned is not enough to buy the goods, while the goods are needed to support our activities. We are the solution.

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Credit Facility

Credit facilities can be done if the debt is done has a smaller value than the value of the benefits of goods / results to be obtained. Example: house contract vs. cicil house, ride transport vs cicil motor, stock goods vs. price rises. Then, What are the requirements to be able to obtain credit facilities? Indonesian citizens, min 21 years old maximum 55 years old or married, already have income and have guaranteed credit borrowed. The term starts from 1 year to 15 years (for Home Loans).

Saving at the Bank Is Safer and Guaranteed

So saving in the bank is more profitable, in addition to money stored in a safe place, given the yield of interest by the bank and the customer's deposit is guaranteed by the government of the Republic of Indonesia. Customer deposits are guaranteed by LPS with the following provisions: The guaranteed balance for each customer in one bank is a maximum of Rp 2 billion and the interest rate received by the customer does not exceed the lps provisions.