Remittance Panin

Benefits of Remittance Panin

Competitive Exchange Rates
Available in major currencies and other foreign currencies at the best market prices.
Fulfills your Needs
Fulfills your needs for money transfers to pay or settle business transactions for fund transfer for personal interests, education, investment, and more.
Efficient Transfer of Funds
Panin Remittance transfers your fund online to all over the world: America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia, including Mainland China.
Free Provision
Free provision and minimum transfer fee is available only for PaninBank account holders.
Extensive Business Network
PaninBank has more than 500 branch offices in Indonesia and is ready to serve your fund transfer to all over the world.
Competitive Rates
Competitive selling and buying rates. You may transfer fund in a more efficient and profitable manner.
International Banking Technology
Through SWIFT international banking system, your fund will be transferred online without any intervention in a secured and timely manner
Awarded with the Straight Through Processing Award from international correspondent banks, Panin Remittance is dubbed the best and professional product for money transfer.

Benefits of Remittance China Same Day

Free Provision Fee
Provision fee will be waived if the fund for your remittance is sourced through savings/current account debit.
Competitive Exchange Rate
Get the most current and competitive exchange rate in all PaninBank branches.
Fast, Easy, and Reliable Services
The service is backed by capable human resources and systems, thus ensuring fast delivery.
Guaranteed Security
You can enjoy convenient and secured services in remitting funds to your destination.

Charges and Requirements

When you need a same day remittance, you only need to pay an additional IDR 20.000 and provide us with a complete and accurate data based on Bank conditions and ensure that your date of transaction is a normal workday in China that receiving Bank can process it to receiving account on the same day.

Please ensure that all your transactions have complied with terms and conditions set by banking authority in China.

Information on Foreign Exchange Rates

With PaninBank you can make money transfer transactions with more efficient and profitable.

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