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GCG Report




Panin Bank Internal Magazine “In Action” edisi September 2012

  • Coordinating Meeting of Operations Managers – “Application of Operations Excellent to Support Business Development” – Jakarta, 13 – 15 June
  • Meeting was opened by Mr. Suwito Tjokrorahardjo as the Branch Network & Operations Group Head and a briefing from Mr. Antonius Ketut as the Director of Compliance & Risk Management.
  • Meeting Materials:
  • Improving the management’s performance;
  • Socializing work programs; and
  • Synchronizing Operations Managers throughout Indonesia.

  • Workshop for Internal Control Units – “Role of ICUs in inspecting, and supporting the implementation of Anti Fraud Strategies” – Makassar, 21 - 22 June.
  • Meeting was opened by Mr. Andi Hudli Huduri as Deputy Branch Manager and an explanation on the workshop theme by Mr. Ferry Sutedja as the Head of Internal Control Units and Mr. Bambang Eryanto as the Head of ICU Support MIS&Reporting BIC.
  • Meeting materials:
  • Updating information on technical inspection through vouching and onsite/branch visits.
  • Improving the capacity to analyze and present reports effectively.

Panin Bank Internal Magazine “In Action” edisi Desember 2012

  • Business Growth Through – “Good Corporate Governance” - Jakarta, 11 – 12 October, this work meeting consists of panel discussion on GCG, which was presented by guest speakers from Ernst & Young and was closed with a PaninBank’s commitment on GCG.
  • Socialization/article on “Good Corporate Governance - Zero tolerance as a motto as well as commitment from PaninBank’s management toward banking fraud practices.” - Panin Bank Internal Magazine (page 14)
  • BIC workshop – “Improve Quality Internal Control Unit Through Workshop” – Jakarta, 27 – 28 September.
  • This meeting was opened by Mr. Ferry Sutedja as the Head of Internal Control Units
  • Workshop materials:
  • Improving the Quality of ICUs; and
  • Leadership & Communication Skill by Mr. Mahyudanil Lubis of BPE.
  • Leadership Meeting & Workshop on KPM “Improving the Development of KPM” based on Good Corporate Governance principles – Batam, 4 October
  • Workshop materials:
  • “Maintaining current progress by considering Good Corporate Governance principle”.
  • Socialization and evaluation on the implementation of Good Corporate Governance based on Bank Indonesia’s regulations so as to improve the management’s performance, particularly in applying GCG. – Jakarta, 1 and 6 November, consisting 2 Batches attended by the Commissioners, Head & Members of the Board of Commissioners, All Directors, Head of Divisions/Bureau/Groups/Branches and Directors of Panin Bank Syariah.


Panin Bank Internal Magazine “In Action” edisi Maret 2013

  • Article on “Application of Anti Fraud Strategies through Employee Awareness – Implementing good corporate culture through ICARE, and application of anti Fraud strategies consistently, is a pillar to prevent frauds” - (PaninBank Internal Magazine, March 2013 edition - page 11)
  • Annual work meeting for 1st Semester– “Business Growth Through Good Corporate Governance” – Jakarta, 18 – 19 March
  • This meeting was opened by the Directors and briefing was given by President Commissioner Mr. Johnny N.W.
  • Meeting materials:
  • Evaluation on the Bank’s work programs in 2012; and
  • Award giving ceremony for KCU with Excellent Achievements in 2012.
  • Coordinating Meeting of SKAI – “Becoming a Professional Auditor (BPP supports Good Corporate Governance)”  Jakarta, 18 – 22 December
  • This meeting was opened by President Director, represented by Mr. Antonius Ketut (Director of Compliance and Risk Management) and briefing from the head of Audit Committee /Commissioner Mr. Riyanto.
  • Meeting materials:
  • Evaluation on work programs in 2012 and presentation of work programs for 2013 by the Head of SKAI, Mr. Herbert JS Sibuea.
  • Workshop Internal:
  • Anti fraud strategies, fraud detection, role of competent and integrated human resources in monitoring the Bank and case studies (RMI); and
  • Presentation Skills ( BPE – Mahyudanil Lubis)
  • Training on Internal Control Units – “Anti Fraud Awareness” – Jakarta, 4 – 7 December
  • Internal Control Units in collaboration with the Training and Development Division in conducting a training for ICU staffs of Batch 4, themed “Creating Control Culture and Risk Control System at branch level.”
  • Socialization and training on operational risks – Jakarta, 7, 10, 11 December and 17 -19 December
  • Socialization was given in turn by Mr. Usep Ekadaya, Mr. Nahhu Dwi Pratama and Ms. Kristina Gultom.
  • Socialization material:
  • Application on the management of operational risks for KCU/KCP and creating a risk awareness and understanding about RSCA, LEM and Near miss from the Risk Management Division.

Other activities performed

  • Induction Program, including understanding the values and standards of ethique for employees, Good Corporate Governance principles, particularly for new employees and participants of Development Program / Special Hire.
  • Self Assessment Program to identify how to assess the application of GCG every year.
  • Preparation of a Video on Good Corporate Governance  and socialization to all employees (Central and Branch Offices).
  • Coordinating meeting and Workshop on SKAI to validate “Branch Self Assessment” - Jakarta, 22-23 & 25-26 April 2013.