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Whistle Blowing

Dear Employees and Customers,

In order to identify any conflict of interest and based on mutual respect principle, PT Bank Panin Bank Tbk (the Bank) expects your supports in achieving its target of becoming a trusted Bank that provides high quality services, risk management and proper resource management, PaninBank is providing a Whistle Blowing System through Email:

Feel free to contact us of any of the following case:
  1. Fraud;
  2. Theft;
  3. Embezzlement of Assets;
  4. Disclosure of information;
  5. Banking criminal conducts; or
  6. Money laundering.
You may send your report to email: by stating your identity. Anonym reports are permitted but not recommended.

By making such reports, you have assisted the Bank to play an active role in implementing Good Corporate Governance and in maintaining its long term business for the society and environment.

Protection for rapporteurs
When a report is proven correct, the Bank will provide protection for rapporteurs, which covers:
•    Assurance that the rapporteur’s identity and report will be kept confidential;
•    Protection from any harmful conduct against rapporteur; and
•    Protection from any possible threat, intimidation, punishment or improper conduct against rapporteur.

Sanction shall be imposed against reported party who, based on the result of an investigation, is proven to have committed a fraud/violation based on applicable regulations.
The Bank shall keep rapporteur’s identity confidential. Any report or information on improper conducts shall be appreciated and the Bank thank you for your cooperation.

Warm regards,

President Director