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Why Panin Bank

Panin Bank is a commercial bank developed in Indonesia. Established in 1971, Panin Bank continues to support banking and economic sectors in Indonesia. With its "Selalu Untuk Anda" (Always for You) motto, Panin Bank is focused on Bank's consistency in providng the best services for its customers.

In 2012, Panin Bank strengthened its position as one of leading banks (7th largest bank in Indonesia in terms of assets, profits, total loan, total capital, and CAR). With more than 450 branch offices and more than 36,200 ATM Bersama and Alto ATMs, Panin Bank is ready to serve customers throughout the country. Consistent progress made by Panin Bank is a result of our philosophy, which is focused on balancing prudence and progressive business growth. By keeping up our prudence in dealing with risk management, Panin Bank has managed to overcome uncertainties and economic crisis. On the other hand, business development should be maintained as competitive as possible, so that Panin Bank could maintain its position as a main motivator for Indonesian banking industry.

In improving companies' growth and transformation, Panin Bank invites you, young generation, to establish a carrier and achive your dreams together with Panin Bank. Please check our job vacancies and make them as golden opportunities for you to achieve your dreams.