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CSR Program

Reforest Indonesia Program

A CSR program on national reforestation coordinated by Panin Bank

Reforest Indonesia is Panin Bank’s program for community and surrounding environment. Panin Bank is coordinating with the government in promoting reforestation at the national level.

To support Reforest Indonesia movement, which was officially launched by the Indonesian President, Panin Bank invites people throughout Indonesia to plant Rain Tree.

By planting Rain Tree, you can help reducing emission of CO2 gas that causes pollution. By becoming Panin’s Green Partner, you help saving the earth. It is easy to be Panin Bank’s Green Partner. Panin Bank will contact you and give you free Reforest Set of Rain Tree seeds, poly bag and manual. Let’s save our earth from emission of CO2 gas.

Join us as a Green Partner and save the earth from emission of CO2 gas!

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