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Internet Panin

Internet Panin is an electronic banking service through the Internet, which is accessible only by clicking

Benefits of Internet Individu Panin

  • Practical and easy to use
  • Realtime transactions are accessible anywhere and anytime
  • It has multi security system (User ID, Login PIN and Token Panin)
  • Token Panin is an additional security system producing a dynamic PIN that always changes for every financial transaction
  • It has following features:
    • Inter Bank Transfer (ALTO, ATM Bersama, SKN and RTGS)
    • Multicurrency Transfer (IDR and Foreign Currencies)
    • International Remittance (SWIFT)
    • Regular Payment of Bill and Handphone Voucher Reload
    • Information of Account Balance and Mini Statement
    • Other Information (Credit Card, KPR, KPM, and Kredit Express Panin)
    • Rescheduling and Recurring Transaction
    • Notification of Financial Transactions will be sent to your e-mail

How to Get Internet Panin Services

  • Open Tabungan Panin or Giro Panin
  • Make an ATM Panin Card
  • Register at ATM Panin
  • Activate  a Token Panin at

Fee and Charges


Internet Panin Guidelines

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