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Junior Savings

Panin Junior Saving is dedicated for your children. Now, they can have their own saving books and ATM cards. Let them learn to manage their own finance since early stage.

Enjoy various benefits of Panin Junior Saving:

  • Competitive interest rate
    Increase your children’s savings with competitive interest rate.

  • Easy to Open Saving Accounts
    Small initial saving will facilitate your children to own their own saving account.

  • Free
    Free administration fee, below minimum balance fee, and ATM fee.

  • Panin Junior Saving Book
    Get a Panin Junior saving book with interesting designs (two choices are available).

  • Multi-purpose Junior ATM cards
    Panin Junior Saving has multi-purpose Junior ATM Card with interest designes (two choices are available). It can be used to withdraw money at ATMPanin, other ATMs with ATM ALTO, ATM Bersama* logos, debit shopping at millions of merchants with Maestro and Mastercard logos.

  • Easy transactions
    You and your children can easily saving fund to Panin Junior Saving accounts at more than 500 branch offices throughout Indonesia.

  • Access to FREE transaction and the largest network
    You may make cash withdrawals and check your balance at 45,000 ATM ALTO and ATM Bersama networks.

  • No time limit for inter-bank transfers
    Easy inter-bank transfers for 24 hours through ATM ALTO and ATM Bersama networks with realtime transfer and receipt.

  • Most Complete E-banking
    Panin Junior Saving also has easy access to the most complete electronic banking facilities, such as Panin ATM, more than 45,000 ATM ALTO and ATM Bersama networks, mobile banking, phone banking, and Internet Banking.

So, what are you waiting for? Start saving with Panin Junior Savings today!

For further information, visit our nearest branch office or contact our 24 hour service

Call Panin at 1500678 or 60678 (via handphone)

*) balance > Rp. 5.000.000 after transaction