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Achievement and Reputation


  1. InfoBank Awards: On the financial performance of "Excellent " from 2009 to 2013 ( Jakarta , July 18, 2014 )
  2. Cards & Electronic Payments International Asia Trailblazer Award 2014: Best Technology Initiative Highly Commended
  3. JP Morgan : 2014 Elite Quality Recognition Award US Dollar Clearing MT103 Recognized 99.34 % From 2002 to 2013
  4. 2013 STP Excellence Award For Highest Rate for Euro denominated Commercial Payments In Indonesia for 2013. ING June 2014.
  5. BCA : 2013 USD Direct Settlement STP Excellent Award . Japan , April 2014
  6. Economic Review : Indonesian Banking Award 2014 PT . Bank Panin Tbk . rating 7 
  7. inside 3  Company Book Tbk , with Core Capital Rp . 5T - 30T

  1. Ranked as one of The Six Biggest Banks in Indonesia in 2013

  2. Received Bisnis Indonesia Awards 2013
    • “Bisnis Indonesia Awards 2013 in honor of being the Best Company in Financial Sector”
  3. Achieved Info Bank Golden Trophy 2013
    • “Info Bank Golden Trophy 2013 in the category of BUKU 3 or banks with core capital between Rp 5 trillion and Rp 30 trillion
  4. Received Banking Efficiency Awards 2013
    • “Received Efficiency Awards in the category of general foreign exchange bank”


    • "Best Improved Retail Bank in Asia Pacific, Central Asia, Africa and the Gulf Region"
    • "Best Core Banking Implementation for Small Sized Banks"
    • "Panin Bank Reforest Indonesia - Sindo CSR Award"
  3. Received BANK of NEW YORK - Mellon STP Award
    • "In Recognition of Outstanding Payment Formatting and Straight Through Rate" 2011
  4. Received JP MORGAN Quality Recognition Award
    • Quality Recognition Awards - "US Dollar Clearing MT 103 97.88% Recognized from 2001-2010"
  5. Received ING Bank STP Award for Excellence
    • "Highest STP rate for Euro Denominated Commercial Payments in Indonesia for 2011"
  6. Received Bisnis Indonesia
    • "Banking Efficiency Award 2011 - Kategori Bank Umum Swasta Nasional Devisa"
  7. Received InfoBank Golden Trophy
    • "Bank with Excellent Category 2006-2011-Golden Award" (Bank Berpredikat SANGAT BAGUS periode 2006-2011)"
  8. Received Bisnis Indonesia Awards 2012
    • “Bisnis Indonesia Awards 2012 in the category of the Best Bank 2012”
  9. Received Info Bank Awards 2012
    • “Info Bank Awards 2012 in honor of “Very Good” performance within Rating of 120 Banks in Indonesia”

Received Asian Banking & Finance Magazine's "Best Environtmental Initiative-Indonesia", InfoBank's "Bank with Excellent Category - Golden Award", Received JP Morgan Chase's "Product Innovation Award", and "Quality Recognition Award".

Received Markplus insight and marketeers Magazine's "Indonesian Brand Champion Award", Asiamoney's "3rd Best Domestic Provider of FX Serices in Indonesia" and "2nd Best FX Prime Broking Service", InfoBank's "Bank with Excellent Category Award".

Received JP Morgan Chase's "Product Innovation Award" and "Quality Recognition Award", The Bank of New York-Mellon's "Outstanding Payment Formatting and Sraight-Through Processing (STP) Award", InfoBank's "Bank with Excellent Category Award", ABFI Institute Perbanas and Tempo Magazine, The Best Bank in the Private Sector Award". The Minister of Finance Republic of Indonesia's "The Best ORI 6 Selling Agent". Citibank's "Citi Performance Excellence Award."

Received InfoBank's "Banking Service Excellence Award", and "Bank with Excellent Category Award", Bisnis Indonesia's "The Most Efficient Bank 2008", The Minister of Finance Republic of Indonesia's "The Best ORI 2 Agent" Social Welfare Department Republic of Indonesia's "Padma Award", and ABFI Institute Perbanas and Tempo Magazine, "The Best Bank in the Large Bank Category Award". Commerzbank's "STP Award-Excellent Quality".


  1. Received the “Most Active Participant in Corporate Bond Transaction in the Bank Category” award by the Surabaya Stock Exchange.
  2. Received three award by Marketing Research Indonesia (MRI) and Infobank Magazine:
    • Best Performance, Internet Banking – Runner-up
    • Best Performance SMS Banking – Runner-up
    • Best Performance, Phone Banking in 2005-2006, Ranked No. 9

Received Asiamoney's "Best Domestic Provider of FX Serices", The Bank of New York's "Recognition of Outstanding Payment Formatting and Straight Through Rate", and "The JP Morgan Quality Recognition Award" and named one of the 4 Best Selling Agent for the ORI II Government Retail Bonds.:

Panin Bank ranked as Indonesia’s 5th largest non-state bank, and 8th largest overall. Total Assets: Rp. 40.5 trillion. Network: 273 offices.

Received Elite Quality Recognition Award (JP Morgan Chase) for fund transfer operations; nominated "Best National Bank 2005" (Bisnis Indonesia); "Best Non-Recap Public Bank with Assets Above Rp. 10 trillion" (Investor Magazine); and "Excellence Award for Financial Achievements" (InfoBank).

Awarded "Best Public Bank" based on EVA Concept (MarkPlus and Swa), "Best Non-Recap Bank" (Investor) and "The Most Active Participant - Government and Corporate Bonds Trading" (Surabaya Stock Exchange).

Awarded "Best Public Bank" based on EVA Concept (MarkPlus and Swa) and "Best Bank in Forex Transaction Reporting" (Bank Indonesia).

Achieved a leading position in consumer banking products and services supporting Panin Bank's retail business strategy.

Rated "The Best Rated Bank in the Indonesian Banking Industry Post Crisis" by Moody s Investor Service-BFSR.

Technical Assistance Agreement signed with strategic partner ANZ Banking Group, Australia which acquired 29% shareholding.

Repositioning Panin Bank's business strategy from traditionally corporate banking, undertakes retail and consumers segments. A change program in corporate culture and new business initiatives.

Panin Bank chosen as "The Best Domestic Bank" by Global Finance Magazine for three consecutive years.

Multidimensional crisis hits Indonesia: political, economic, and social. Panin Bank was one of only few banks certified by international Accounting Firm as "A" category bank and was exempted from being recapitalized by the government.

Ranked as "Top 10" among 243 national commercial banks.

The First Indonesian bank to go public, listing its shares on the Jakarta Stock Exchange.

Established as a merger of three banks. Bank Kemakmuran (1956), Bank Industri dan Dagang Indonesia (1956) and Bank Industri Djaya Indonesia (1969).