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Current Account

Current Account is a saving for individual customers and companies which enables quick, easy and secured business transactions.

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Enjoy various benefits from Current Account:

  • Greater currency options
    Current Account is available in Rupiah and foreign currencies e.g., US Dollar, Pound Sterling, Australia Dollar, EURO, Swiss Franc, Singapore Dollar, YEN, Canadian Dollar, Hongkong Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, China YUAN.
  • Transactions may be made anywhere
    Supported by online networks available in more than 500 branch offices throughout Indonesia, you may make banking transactions anywhere in a secured, easy and fast manners.
  • Easy and flexible
    - More flexible deposits e.g., cash, cheques , giro cheques transfer from other banks and USD Banknotes USD without any conversion fee*.
    - Free commission fee for withdrawals in USD Banknotes of up to USD 15.000 per month*.
  • Competitive exchange rates
    Competitive and latest exchange rates for foreign currencies for your business needs. You may access information on foreign exchange rates at
  • Saving time and cost
    Enjoy auto-debit facilities or periodic payment orders when paying your routine business expenses e.g., regular purchase of raw materials and payment of employees’ wages.
  • Transfer reports at anytime
    With Panin Internet facility, you may see transfer reports anytime that you don’t need to wait till end of month for your account reports.

    * Current Account in USD.

For further information, visit the nearest Panin branch office or call our 24 hour service through Call Panin at 1500678 or 60678 (via handphone)